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SWGoH Mods 2.0 Slicing Advice. Disclaimer. As most of this is subjective, and likely won’t match with everyone’s priorities, follow the advice at your own risk. That said, I hope it helps! Change Log. 09.10.2018 - added Mod Store Shopping near the bottom. 01.03.2019 · Mod slicing sucks! There. I've said it. It's almost a given that if you have one attribute you don't want potency on a crit dmg?? it will upgrade that multiple times often turning potentially awesome mods into complete trash. Mods short for modifications are an optional upgrade for characters within the game. Once the player's account reaches level 50, Mods become available to any of their characters that are level 50 or above. There are different categories of mods, each of which yields a different primary effect on the stats of the character that has equipped it.

Until there is a mod meta out there that doesn't focus on speed, I feel it's going to be most beneficial for the majority to continue to focus on speed for the time being, as slicing takes a long time to get good mods and speed continues to make monumental difference in the game, across modes. 07.01.2019 · The current slicing system is already problematic. Assuming that in some future time the devs will want to allow mods to be sliced further than 6 - or even increase their color within 6 - they need to come up with some way to do it without completely breaking mods. So, I believe this is a bad idea that will hurt the game in the long run. Part One: Slicing Mod PRIMARIES star wars galaxy of heroes swgoh.

What happens when you take the Tier E six dot mod to tier A? My understanding is each secondary will only roll 5 times through the entire upgrading process. So once any mod has speed roll 5 times you will probably stop working in that one. Mod Slicing - Table of costs Very possible I missed the details in the info dumps over the past few days but wanted to get a handle on slicing costs myself so made a quick table. Found. I would assume that you are choosing mods to test this on with mods that have already popped speed, and possibly choosing mods that popped speed more than once before slicing meaning a lvl 15 colored mod. That would explain why you are appearing to have fewer pops of speed and allow for speed to have the same chance to pop as every stat. Grandivory's mods optimizer will allow you to equip the optimum mod set on every character you have in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes™. It will fetch your mods and characters, and find the best set to equip for each character in a list you provide. Mods Master List Helper - Find the best mods for each character Which mod for every character in SW:GoH Based on the work from redditor Skelturix Click here for original content , I did a little upgrade to his spreadsheet, transforming it in a searchable and filterable list directly accessible below.

Slicing mods is the new big deal: check out the Ship Stats tool to discover the effects. Here's a collection of tools to make your life easier on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. For the latest updates and evolutions of this site, if you face any issues, to share some kinds words, or simply check what's new: follow me on twitter @CrouchingRancor. Check out all of the Gear an Recipes in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Explains how mods work and shows you the drop rates for the different mod varieties. Automatic Discord Game Updates This tutorial will explain how to set it up so that official SWGOH game updates will be automatically posted to a channel of your choice on your Discord server. Mods How to populate your unassigned mods in the Mods Manager ? Ever wondered why you don't see all your unassigned mods ? Mods Management is a pain, our offline management tool will help you get the best out of your collection. Since doesn't.

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